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Call for Art
Entry Form + Terms & Conditions + Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines and Official Rules

Terms and Conditions


ORIGINALITY: Artwork must be an original artwork by an Oakland, Macomb or Washtenaw county high school student and cannot have been previously published, won prior awards, exhibited, or displayed publicly

SUBJECT MATTER: Artwork must include influence of theme "Is this Black enough for you?"

Artwork should be prepared to hang

HAND-DRAWN: Artwork must be drawn entirely done by hand on using crayons, color pencils, ink pens, markers, watercolor or acrylic paint, and/or by using digital tools on the computer.


PAPER SIZE: Artwork should be created on paper sized up to 48 by 48 inches but no smaller than 24 by 24 inches. The recommended paper size 36 by 24 inches (canvas is Encouraged for Paintings)

DIGITAL FILES: Image files of Artwork (e.g., digital photograph of a hand-drawn Artwork or a digital image of the computer-created Artwork) should be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5MB in size. Acceptable digital art file formats are GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and PDF. Artwork digital files must be titled in the following way: [LAST NAME, FIRST NAME-Artwork Title]. Printed copies may be requested if the Artwork is selected for an award.


Performance and Short Film: Any film or social media platform can be used to create, however it must Be converted to Youtube link as the acceptable digital file format.

INELIGIBLE CONTENT: Artwork must not contain lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate content or objectionable material as determined by Centric Place in its sole discretion; images that are copyrighted, trademarked, private, public or in any other way that affects the intellectual rights of any person or entity; material or elements not owned/created by the youth and/or subject to the rights of third parties or Images of people who are readily recognizable; commercial content, logos, or images other than centric place; personally identifiable information of person(s) other than youth or family members; any commercial content or logos other than that of centric place. In addition, artwork that has been collaboratively drawn by multiple individuals or has been created by a person other than the youth is ineligible. Artwork submitted without a signed or completed entry form is also ineligible. Last, Artwork that resembles previous contest submissions, as determined by centric place, or that resembles famous paintings, is ineligible.



Original art submissions must be  received by January 30, 2023



Dr. Gholdy Muhummad’s, Cultivating Genius (2020) suggests that identity as we know it, is based on "who we are, on what others say we are, and lastly who we desire to be." Without the proper foundations of self it remains difficult to confirm all three of these attributes. She goes on to offer that identity is fluid, and should be considered multi-layered as well as relational. In the pursuit of identity, especially that of Black identity it is important to consider the influences of art, film and culture within the foundations of the United States.


This contest is in response to the (2022) Netflix film, "Is that Black Enough for You?", a documentary film essay written and directed by Elvis Mitchell on Black identity in film. In this film these same three attributes identified by Dr. Muhammad resonate throughout this entire motion picture. What continues to persist is that Black identity is truly multi-layered, but the limitations of certain roles in film require a revolutionary approach that must redefine Blackness.


The, "who we are," is clarified through historical reference. The, "what others say we are are," changes through narrative. And the, "who we desire to be," is defined through self expression. Channeling this self expression through artistic outlets one has the opportunity to create an addendum to the world that surrounds them.


promotional video credit: edit by Centric Place 

visuals via pexels * artem podrez *cottonbrodarlene alderson *pnw production* miroshnichenkp

audio by FMA brakhage- the strike

"Is This Black Enough For You?" a prompt to create in response to "Is that Black Enough For You!?!" on NETFLIX

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